Finding The Right CPA

How do I choose the right accountant?

Most of us see our accountant once a year if at all and miss out on the opportunity to form an important business relationship. A quality accountant can be a trusted advisor and important part of your financial and business affairs.  However, choosing the right accountant among many can be challenging.

Experience – There is no substitute for it.

A quality accountant should have a long and successful track record of client service.

Industries – Experience is best served when focused by industry.

An accountant experienced in your industry can give you valuable advice and perspectives that other accountants cannot.

Services – Every person and business files a tax return. However, that is only the starting point. 

As you accumulate wealth you may ask your accountant for financial planning advice.  As your business seeks funding for expansion, your accountant’s services will be crucial in lending credibility to your finances.  The right accountant will be knowledgeable in many areas and will help guide you through each new challenge you will face on the road to success.

Credentials – The AICPA is one organization which dictates ethics to its members. 

Each state has a similar organization.  A quality accountant will be in good standing with the applicable state accounting society. Any accountant performing attest services will also be certified by the state’s peer review program.