Tax Center

Tax Organizer (PDF)

A customized tax organizer with your prior year information and amounts was sent by mail.  Click here if you would like a generic 2016 RAA individual tax organizer. (PDF)

Federal Tax Forms

Looking for IRS forms, instructions or publications? The IRS website allows you to download current and prior year forms and publications.  Click here to obtain downloadable forms, instructions and publications.

State Tax Forms

Looking for state forms, instructions or publications? Click here to access state forms, revenue agencies, and other helpful state tax information.

Track My Refund

When you receive your refund depends on how you filed your tax return.  Electronically filed returns with direct deposit usually receive refunds between three – four weeks.  You can check your federal refund status by clicking on this link.  If you would like to check the status of your state refunds, see Links under the Resources tab on our website.

2016 Individual Tax Table

Click here to view a tax table showing the individual tax rates for 2016.